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Emotional Support and Wellbeing

Supporting Children and Young People With Worries About Covid-19


This is a time of uncertainty and a lot of children and young people will be feeling anxious and worried about what is going on. This is a normal response to the situation, and the document below from the University of Reading offers advice about what adults can do to help and support children and young people. There is a lot of information out there and this can be confusing. However, this document pulls together advice and useful links, all in one place. We hope this will be helpful.

Supporting the Family During Lockdown


Coronavirus has brought a lot of sudden changes for families with children. In these uncertain and challenging times, you may be feeling stressed as you try to balance work, childcare and self-care while dealing with worries – both your children’s and your own. In recognition of this, the NHS has put together some of the best, reliable and free sources of information and advice to help you and your family to cope under lockdown.



Storicise is a platform that delivers fun and innovative activities designed to support children through the impact of Covid-19. Explore some of the interactive quizzes and activities, or dive into some of the answers that Dr Xand and Dr Chris gave curious Covid-19 questioners! More activities designed for home learning are on the way. Use this link: