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An introduction to your new Maths Lead Teacher

My name is Mrs Spiller and I have been teaching at Winnersh, as a Year 3 Teacher, for the last 4 years. As well as the previous lead for Art, my most recent role has been as the PPG Lead for the school and this is something I will still continue to lead in September, as well as Maths.  

I feel that we need to teach our children that Maths is part of our everyday lives and will be an invaluable tool as they grow and move through their lives. I feel it is important that our children enjoy Maths and that we aim to build true mathematicians, children who can look for links between numbers, whether this be identifying related multiplication and division facts, noticing near doubles when adding or being able to split numbers into easier to work with values when solving problems.

To help promote learning at home, SUMDOG passwords have been reissued for all the children. For those who are new to SUMDOG, this is an interactive maths games app or computer programme which is differentiated for the level of the children playing. It contains a range of games and will revise key aspects of the curriculum the children have covered. The children have been informed that as well as monthly awards for top users’, children who work hard over the holidays will also be rewarded with house points for the new school year and special SUMDOG certificates. I you do not have a password for your child or your child is new to the school please let your class teacher know.

I look forward to working alongside staff, teaching assistants and parents to help children to feel confident to meet the new challenges that they will encounter in maths over the next academic year.  

Thank you for your continued support, it is greatly appreciated.

Mrs Spiller


Children can play against friends at school and children around the world and earn points and coins that they can then spend in the online shop to buy clothes and accessories for their online avatar. The application understands each pupil, tailoring questions to their individual needs.

Teachers may set specific homework tasks relating to the work they have been doing in class for each child. They also use Sumdog's live class tool to monitor children's activity, to see who is doing well - and who needs help.

Every child from Year 2 to Year 6 has had the opportunity to access the programme and has been given their username and password.

A short video below that explains how Sumdog works and how to access the application. Please note that Sumdog will work with the following browsers (or later versions) - Internet Explorer 10, Safari 7.0 Chrome 38, Firefox 30.0 or Edge 12.

Website http://www.sumdog.com/

Please encourage your child to use this fantastic resource at home and share their successes with them.

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