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Maths National Number Day 2017

Each year group were presented with a different number investigation, which required the children to apply their knowledge and skills, emphasising the importance of applied maths, as well as providing opportunities for children to discuss their ideas and demonstrate their mathematical understanding and reasoning, working as part of a team effectively. 

World Maths Day 2017

On National Number Day we arranged for The School Puzzle Company to come in and work with each year group, providing them with the opportunity to engage in some fun and challenging problems, using giant puzzles and activities.  It was a real success in encouraging the use of Maths language, team work and showed our children that by persevering with a challenge, they can succeed.


The children have been introduced to our new online Maths program, Sumdog!

They can play against, friends at school and children around the world and earn points and coins that they can then spend in the online shop to buy clothes and accessories for their online avatar. The application understands each pupil, tailoring questions to their individual needs.

Teachers may set specific homework tasks relating to the work they have been doing in class for each child. They also use Sumdog's live class tool to monitor children's activity, to see who is doing well - and who needs help.

Every child from Year 2 to Year 6 has had the opportunity to access the programme and has been given their username and password.

Miss Majer, our ICT Coordinator, has created the short video below that explains how Sumdog works and how to access the application. Please note that Sumdog will work with the following browsers (or later versions) - Internet Explorer 10, Safari 7.0 Chrome 38, Firefox 30.0 or Edge 12.

Website http://www.sumdog.com/

Please encourage your child to use this fantastic resource at home and share their successes with them.

sarah sumdog 11-02.mp4

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