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Notice Board
11th December

Our topic this term is……Space and Christmas!

WOW what a fantastic Nativity performance last week! Thank you to everyone for coming and supporting the children, they absolutely loved it!

This week we will be posting our Christmas cards to our families! On Monday 11th December we will be walking in our classes to the post box. We will then try and predict how quickly the cards will arrive at our homes!

We will also be having a Christmas Party on Friday 15th December during the afternoon. On this day please can children come to school dressed in Christmas clothes (non-school uniform). As it is national Christmas Jumper day it would be amazing if your child could wear a Christmas jumper as part of their outfit! Please provide a small party snack (no nuts) for your child in a named container. We will be providing Christmas plates, cups and squash for the party and the children will be playing lots of Christmas games.


We will also be continuing with our daily phonics sessions. The children have now been split into phonics groups to support their developmental level:

Mrs Champ’s Group:

All phase 2 sounds
Tricky words: I, the, no, go to, into.
Segmenting and blending: CVC, CVCC words, HFW (dad, mum, of, up)
Segmenting and blending: short sentences

Miss Storey’s Group: 

Phase 2 sounds: s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d,g,o,c,k,ck,e,d, u, r, h
Tricky words: I, the, to, into, no, go
Segmenting and blending CVC and CVCC words e.g. cat, tap, mat, tent.

Miss Dawkins Group: 

Phase 2 sounds: s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d,g,o,c,k,ck,e,d, u, r, h
Tricky words: I, the, to, into, no, go
Segmenting and blending CVC words e.g. cat, tap, mat, in. 

Mrs Winspur’s Group: 

Phase 2 sounds: s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d, g, o, c
Tricky words: I, go, no, to
Focusing on initial sounds in words and blending VC words e.g. it, in, is, at

Thank you for your continued support.

Miss Dawkins, Miss Storey and the Foundation Team 

The Foundation Autumn Newsletter 2 can be found here

The presentation from the Foundation Stage curriculum talk can be found here

Welcome to the Foundation Stage
Sunflower and Buttercup Classes

At Winnersh Primary School we are proud of our caring, creative and happy environment where all individuals are valued equally and encouraged to achieve their full potential.

The Foundation Stage provides a broad and balanced curriculum which embraces the seven areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage. We focus on the development of the individual child and, during your child’s time in the Foundation Stage, he or she will experience a great variety of activities based on these seven areas of learning. In the Foundation Stage we love to learn through a mixture of  adult led activities and play based, child-initiated activities. Click the areas listed below for more information.

Prime Areas:
Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Physical Development
Communication and Language

Specific Areas:
Understanding the World
Expressive Arts and Design

We carefully and regularly assess the children’s progress against the early learning goals – click here for early learning goals.

Some comments from parents ~

We feel our child has been helped to reach her potential. At this early stage of schooling we are overjoyed to find such quality of teaching and nurturing support. We can only say a big thank you.


The topics for each term have been well chosen and our child clearly finds the lesson fun, particularly literacy. The teachers also give attention to and know each child as an individual which is particularly important at this age.


We are so happy with how our son has settled at school and with his progress. We would like to thank you all. The foundation team have created such a wonderful environment this year!


My child really enjoys school and is learning so much without him realising!


I couldn’t be happier with my son’s first year at Winnersh. He has changed from not wanting to start school to loving it. I’m very impressed with his progress both academically and emotionally. He adores his teacher and it is their bond which I believe has helped him to grow.

Our fantasic learning!


We learn both indoors and outdoors, through a range of exciting topics.

The Indoor Environment...

The indoor curriculum provides a stimulating learning environment and opportunities for the children to experience activities which reflect the seven areas of learning.  The children have access to a wide range of resources in both child initiated and adult led activities.


The Outdoor Environment...

The outdoor environment mirrors the indoor learning environment within the Sunflower and Buttercup classes and it is used in throughout our daily routine. Children will be able to access resources to develop the seven key areas of learning. Outdoor learning is key to developing children’s independence, physical development and to offer exploration and investigation opportunities.


Star Moments: Help us to celebrate your child’s achievements…

At Winnersh Primary School we get as excited as you do watching your child grow and develop and we would like to celebrate all of their achievements (whether they happen at school or at home). We would love to hear from you about the things your child enjoys or achieves. It helps us to create a ‘well rounded’ picture of who your child really is. These ‘Star Moments’ can show a range of your child’s achievements from ‘remembering numbers to 20’ to ‘being really brave at the dentist’. Please pick up a star moments sheet near the entrance of the Foundation Stage.

Parents as Partners and the Home Learning Books…
We are delighted to be sending home with your child their own special home learning book and look forward to strengthening the link between home and school. We greatly value your input and would like to give you the opportunity to share your child’s achievements and interests at home.

We would particularly enjoy hearing about:

  • Your child’s interests e.g. what they have been playing with at home or what they enjoy doing.
  • Any clubs or activities your child attends outside of school and the progress they are making.
  • Any ‘WOW’ moments – observations of great milestones in your child’s development (these can also be written on a star moment).
  • Any other information you would like us to know e.g. moving house, new siblings etc.

The information could be collected in a variety of forms such as photographs, comments or pictures made by your child. You may be as creative as you wish!

The entries made in the Home Learning Book will be used to support the planning of your child’s learning and will form part of your child’s individual profile. Throughout the year we will provide focussed activities to complete at home to reinforce the learning in school. These activities will link to the topic we are focussing on at the time.

Characteristics of effective learning…
Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage learn by playing and exploring, being active, and through creating and thinking critically (characteristics of effective learning) which take place both in the indoor and outdoor learning environments. We will be using these superhero stickers to encourage underpinning the characteristics of learning:

Your child will receive one of these stickers when they have been observed using one or more of these skills. We will also be recording when your child receives one in their learning profile.

How can I check my child’s progress?
The teachers will assess your child regularly using the Foundation Stage Profile which enables us to track your child’s development. Continual assessment is carried out on every child through observations, annotating their work, questioning and monitoring reading development. Assessments are recorded on in the form of written observations, photographs and children’s pieces of work. These are then placed into your child’s Learning Profile. Parents are welcome into the classroom from 3.15-3.30pm every other Thursday to look at their child’s learning profile and add their own comments.

Curriculum Maps and Timetables

What we are learning during the Autumn term - Space and Christmas - can be found here.

The time table for the Autumn Term 2 can be found here.

Useful Documents

The Winnersh Foundation Reading Guide.

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