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In Year 5 at Winnersh, we have 2 classes: Amethyst and Ametrine.

To see pictures and videos from our rocket launch activities click here

The children in Year 5 are learning how to be independent learners. As the year progresses the children are expected to take on more responsibility within the school community including; being reading buddies with younger children and taking on specific roles within the classroom.

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Year 5 are very fortunate that they participate in a number of extra-curricular activities including; cultural days, art days and trips associated with current topics.

We hope that all Year 5 children will enjoy the year, always striving to be the best they can be so that they are ready for their transition to year 6 and the added responsibilities which come with this.

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The homework policy is currently being updated so to start with, your child will be given a piece of English and a piece of Maths homework each Friday which they are to complete and return the following Friday.

As a school, we will be trying out a new style of spelling using a new programme. Further information will be given. But please continue to learn the Year 5 spellings, which you will be tested on termly to see how you get on. Click here for a copy of those Year 3/4 words. Click here for a copy of those Year 5 words.

Notice Board
Year 5 10th September 2018

Welcome back from your summer holidays, we hope that you all feel refreshed, relaxed and ready to learn.

We look forward to getting to know you over the next few weeks as we begin our learning together in Year 5. 

Our teachers for this year will be: Miss Hazeltine and Mr Howell.  They will be supported by Mrs Fry and Mrs Westwood.

Please make sure you are prepared for your lessons, with the correct equipment needed.

PE kit will need to be in on Monday and taken home on Friday each week.  

Homework and spellings are given out on Friday and collected on Wednesday.

We are all looking forward to an adventurous year of learning.

Year Five Team

Our Summer 2018 Topic

Mountains and Rivers

This next term we will be learning about how mountains are formed, where they are located in the world, why and how they affect living things, tourism and the geographical environment. After half term we will learning about rivers, tributaries, erosion, the water cycle and how rivers can affect the surrounding landscape.


Topic: Anglo Saxons

Anglo Saxon Day
Anglo Saxon Day 2(1)
Anglo Saxon Day 1(1)

Topic: World War 2

What events led to the start of World War 2?

How did WW2 change our society?

Check out these websites...





Materials and their Properties

What materials make good conductors?Check out this web site...




Religious Education ~ Summer Term

Summer 1st half



Why do Christians celebrate Easter?

What are the symbols of Easter?

How is Easter significant members of the Christian faith?

Summer 2nd half


How does a belief in karma help Hindus lead good lives?

Year 5 will be studying Hinduism and looking at how it consists of rites and ceremonies focusing on birth, marriage, and death. We shall also learn about the Hindu beliefs of Karma, Samsara and Moksha.


Our Learning Environment

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