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Foundation Stage (EYFS)

What is the Foundation year all about? 

The Foundation Stage provides a broad and balanced curriculum which embraces the seven areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage. We focus on the development of the individual child and, during your child’s time in the Foundation Stage, he or she will experience a great variety of activities based on these seven areas of learning. In the Foundation Stage we love to learn through a mixture of adult led activities and play based, child-initiated activities. Click the areas listed below for more information.
We carefully and regularly assess the children’s progress against the early learning goals.

What is Exploring Time?


Exploring time allows children to engage in free-flow independent play and planned exploration opportunities within the indoor and outdoor learning environments. Through play children develop language skills and creativity, social and intellectual skills and learn to regulate their emotions. Teachers plan and resource exciting and engaging activities each week for children to choose from in order to provide a challenging environment to support and extend the learning of key concepts linking to the Early Years Foundation Stage. Teachers take account of children’s interests and developmental next steps when planning each activity. Children have the opportunity to self-select resources, practise new ideas and skills, they take risks, show imagination and solve problems on their own or with others within a safe and secure environment. There is a clear focus on developing a love of learning, independence and resilience through these first hand play experiences. Teachers and Learning Support Assistants support children during exploring time through observation and appropriate intervention through questioning and reflection to support and extend learning and development. Children also take part in planned small group adult-lead Literacy and Mathematics activities during exploring time to support the development of reading, writing, number and shape, space and measure.


Star Moments: Help us to celebrate your child’s achievements…


At Winnersh Primary School we get as excited as you do watching your child grow and develop and we would like to celebrate all of their achievements (whether they happen at school or at home). We would love to hear from you about the things your child enjoys or achieves. It helps us to create a ‘well rounded’ picture of who your child really is. These ‘Star Moments’ can show a range of your child’s achievements from ‘remembering numbers to 20’ to ‘being really brave at the dentist’. Please pick up a star moments sheet near the entrance of the Foundation Stage.


Parents as Partners and the Home Learning Books…

We are delighted to be sending home with your child their own special home learning book and look forward to strengthening the link between home and school. We greatly value your input and would like to give you the opportunity to share your child’s achievements and interests at home.We would particularly enjoy hearing about:


  • Your child’s interests e.g. what they have been playing with at home or what they enjoy doing.
  • Any clubs or activities your child attends outside of school and the progress they are making.
  • Any ‘WOW’ moments – observations of great milestones in your child’s development (these can also be written on a star moment).
  • Any other information you would like us to know e.g. moving house, new siblings etc.


The information could be collected in a variety of forms such as photographs, comments or pictures made by your child. You may be as creative as you wish!

The entries made in the Home Learning Book will be used to support the planning of your child’s learning and will form part of your child’s individual profile. Throughout the year we will provide focussed activities to complete at home to reinforce the learning in school. These activities will link to the topic we are focussing on at the time.


Characteristics of effective learning…

Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage learn by playing and exploring, being active, and through creating and thinking critically (characteristics of effective learning) which take place both in the indoor and outdoor learning environments. We will be using these superhero stickers to encourage underpinning the characteristics of learning. Your child will receive one of these stickers when they have been observed using one or more of these skills. We will also be recording when your child receives one in their learning profile.


For more information about admissions please click on the link below.