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Our School's Ethos

What do we really mean by school ethos? Ethos is a term with Greek origins, and it refers to the morals, values and beliefs of a person, or even an entire culture. When a school has common goals and values, you can feel it the moment you walk through the gates.


At Winnersh Primary School, we work hard to maintain an ethos that has purpose and meaning. Teamwork is definitely at the core - we hope that our entire community will work together, recognising the roles they play and the strengths they bring. We want every member of staff, every pupil and every parent to feel that their opinion is valued and to believe collectively in the school’s direction of travel.


Our maxim is Where Learning is an Adventure. We want all children to think of learning as an exciting challenge. It is also a journey we are all on together.


We also have school goals; these are the aims we want to achieve together. We have also provided a practical example of each goal, suggested by our children:


  • A warm welcome for everyone (All of the children will give you a smile and say hello)
  • A passion for learning (We don’t say that we can’t do something, we say that we can’t do it yet)
  • The chance to take risks (Lots of our learning is jazzy and interactive)
  • Encouragement to keep going (Problem solving in maths can be risky but it’s okay if we make a mistake)
  • Opportunities to share and celebrate achievements (We share our work with our class when we have done a good job)


Finally, we have three key values. These are how we translate our aims into day-to-day actions. This means that we want every member of our school community to:


  • Get Involved
  • Show Respect
  • Embrace Challenge


It is important that our children understand and embrace the school's ethos. We want them to be proud of the school they attend.