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Languages (French)

Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things (Flora Lewis)


Bonjour! Learning a foreign language has many benefits, most of which reach further than simply ‘learning different words for the same things’. Our intention is to equip our children with the skills required to communicate in a foreign language with increasing competence, confidence and independence. Through learning a different language, we aim to give the children the opportunity to discover and develop positive attitudes towards other cultures.  


At Winnersh Primary School, the children learn French throughout their time in Key Stage 2. We use a variety of techniques to encourage the children to engage in and enjoy their French learning, including games, role play, stories, songs and rhymes. Our emphasis is on developing the listening and speaking skills, as we believe that children enjoy learning to speak another language regardless of their ability in their native language. By creating a safe learning environment, teachers ensure that children feel comfortable and confident enough to ‘have a go’; sowing the seeds to cultivate a long-lasting positive approach towards language learning.


“I like finding out new words for things.” Sophia, Year 3

“I like the games we play in French lessons. French is fun.” Joshua, Year 4

“Learning French will make it easier for me to learn other languages when I’m older.” Harry, Year 5





Shape and Colour Book, made by Saanvi in Year 6