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Why is Music so Important?


At Winnersh Primary School, we believe that music is important because it:

  • enables children to relax;
  • develops critical thinking;
  • can build children’s self-confidence by learning how to play an instrument;
  • promotes risk taking;
  • teaches children about discipline;
  • nurtures a sense of curiosity and develops imagination;
  • fosters a sense of achievement;
  • helps to develop memory, language and reasoning; and
  • is inclusive and promotes a sense of belonging.  


How do we Teach Music?


In EYFS and the Lower Phase, children explore using their voices by singing songs and creating chants and rhymes. They enjoy experimenting with different sounds, listening to and discussing music. There are also opportunities for children to explore using tuned and untuned musical instruments.  


In the Upper Phase, the children build upon the skills learnt in previous years and therefore gain more confidence and control when singing and playing instruments. The children develop skills of accuracy, fluency, control and expression.  They are introduced to musical notation including staff in Year 4, and this is developed in Upper Key Stage 2. There are also opportunities for children to listen and respond to a range of high-quality live music.  In Year 4, all children learn how to play the recorder and explore music from different cultures. In Year 5, all children have a term of tuition from Berkshire Maestros, where each child is able to choose a brass instrument and develop their singing. In Year 6, children develop their musical creativity by composing their own pieces of music using tuned and untuned instruments. 


Every week, there is a whole-school singing assembly to develop children’s ability and confidence to sing and perform. Parents also have the opportunity to pay for private music lessons for their child during school hours, with a private guitar, piano or violin teacher. The children enjoy performing concerts to classes and their parents throughout the year. We also have Rocksteady at our school once a week, who provide private music lessons for children who want to be part of a ‘rock band’.