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Religious Education (RE)

Religious Education (RE)


From a very early age, children are full of questions and curious about the world around them.


Am I special?  What is heaven like? Why does that man wear a funny hat?


With the last question, the child could be pointing at a Church of England bishop wearing a mitre, a Sikh gentlemen wearing a turban or a Jewish gentlemen wearing a kippah.


It is our aim that Religious Education lessons at Winnersh Primary School provide a safe place for children to explore the beliefs and practices of different faith communities.  Our curriculum follows the Pan Berkshire Locally Agreed Syllabus and the faiths that we explore are: Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism.  We use Discovery RE as a teaching tool for delivering lessons. 


We aim for children to explore, discuss and reflect upon different aspects of world faiths and world views so that they gain the knowledge and understanding to be able to hold informed and balanced conversations with all types of people.


We hope that the children continue to ask lots of different questions and that they develop the religious literacy to understand the symbolism of the head wear mentioned above, and the respect to not think it ‘funny’ at all.


Mrs C Fawkes

Religious Education Lead